Living & Studying in SG

Why Singapore?

As one of the key hubs of Asia and an important global city, Singapore offers you a chance to plug into a system that promotes a progressive, cosmopolitan community and trains you for future success.

Hub For Educational Excellence

Education at SIM Global Education (SIM GE) in Singapore is your gateway to an enriching and fulfilling learning journey in a nation that believes in investing in education and offers opportunities in abundance.

Stable Economy

You can hone your skills through practical learning in Singapore – a reputable financial centre, a key regional trading centre, the world’s busiest port, and a top location for international investment.

Infrastructure and Accessibility

Probably the most wired country in Asia, with technology advancements making life simple and efficient, Singapore is an easy choice for pursuing higher education.

Vibrant Quality Lifestyle

One of Asia’s most modern cities, Singapore embraces economic progress against the backdrop of age-old traditions. The nation’s rich multicultural heritage is highlighted through the various ethnic groups and professional expatriates living and working here, who add colour and vibrancy to cosmopolitan Singapore.

The bustle of city life, a thriving arts and cultural scene and close geographical proximity to the rest of the region make Singapore a sought-after quality education destination.

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(published by National Integration Council)

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Living Expenses

NOTE: These figures serve as a guide as expenditures will vary depending on personal spending habits.

Estimated Living Expenses