• Melanie Tan

    Bachelor of Nursing (Post-Registration) Part-Time, The University of Sydney

    I was enthusiastic about the course as the modules were very relevant and would benefit patients under my care, through the upgrading of my knowledge, clinical skills, leadership management, as well as research practice. More

  • Chua Siang Yee

    Bachelor of Arts (Communication), University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

    Being on top of global affairs, reading widely, clocking hours of research and of course putting in the hard work – all these have helped me survive at the country's biggest newspaper. More

  • Shieromie Anuusha Dias

    Bachelor of Science (Honours) Management (Human Resources) (Top-up), The University of Manchester

    This course has provided me with knowledge that is beyond HR that I can apply in my workplace. I am glad to be currently pursuing the degree that I wanted. More