• Chandrika Ahuja

    Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Accounting and Finance, University of London

    SIM gave me the opportunity to participate in several career development workshops and networking events. It proved to be a valuable resource to develop a web of contacts within my fields of interest, locations and levels of experience. More

  • Sharmila Khan

    Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Banking and Finance, University of London

    In addition to my academic performance, I strongly believe and strive for a holistic academic environment. This helps to hone and learn skill sets to enable a smoother transition into the working world. More

  • Anjhana Damodaran

    Bachelor of Science (Honours) in International Relations, University of London

    These experiences have been important to me for self-discovery as well as for developing my career skills. In everything, I believe, we have to be willing to try even if we are afraid of failing. More